Orelie Pascale

 Orelie PascaleOrelie Pascale

MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts 2018

Orelie's work is comprised of meditation pieces, exploring personal motions, emotions and time. Red Lines was made over 18 months, as an exercise of the inner struggle against a repetitive memory. For Orelie the act of sewing becomes a therapeutic gesture locking the emotion into action, and the action into fabric. It has no beginning, or end, it just starts - it’s an emotion churned into acceptance through time and labour.

In an age of over stimulation and hyper-reality, Orelie seeks to find a moment of quiet through her work. She see's the labour intensive processes used to create her works as a reappropriation of her time, something which feels as if it is shrinking every day. Using a humble medium like cotton allows Orelie to transport her work so that she is able to move through the world physically to seek out moments of silence in order to maintain her practice.

Awards and residencies:

First Food Residency, Mexico, funded by Arts Council England, 2017


"As a meditative maker, I am in love with craftsmen and women all other the world and in different disciplines. I find the humility and dedication behind crafts completely mind-blowing."



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