Orry Shenjobi

Orry ShenjobiOrry Shenjobi

MA Social Innovation and Sustainable Futures – London College of Communications, 2022

Orry Shenjobi is a Nigerian multi-disciplinary artist who holds a BSc in Product Design from the University of Leeds. Having been born in London and raised in Lagos, both cities’ esoteric blending of cultures and identities have significantly influenced their work.

For this reason, Orry's art is an experiment of some sort. The hope is to simultaneously explore the depths of individualistic and collective identity. With social issues and cultural events as a backdrop, the work asks, 'what is the extent of the inextricable link between society and self?','how do the single everyday stories of the unheard depict both our collective and individual hopes, dreams, and fears?' And, 'as we each tackle these queries of identity in our own ways, are we then all forever unified by this collectively individual uniqueness of being?'.

Through the calculated use of materials and seamless weaving of varied media, Orry challenges the audience to question their preconceived notions of self and community beyond the abstract or conceptual, by truly personalising the multiple subjects that are presented within my pieces, the audience embarks on a subconscious journey through unexplored territories. In this manner, the audience are invited as co-authors and witnesses to the multidimensionality of life, so that they too can source their answers through the stillness of art.

Awards and residencies:

Solo Exhibition, ‘The Beauty Within the Struggle’, December 2020, Muse Art Gallery Lagos.


Instagram: @studioorry


"Ultimately, I invite them to reflect on their place in society; their position, the role they play, and the feelings involved. I want them to be able to relate to both the shared experiences and individual stories of others."



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