Pixie T

Portrait of MiAL Artist Pixie TPixie T

BA Design for Art Direction, London College of Communications 2018

Described as a wearable testament that one is never alone on their journey, Pixie T's brand, Of Trying Times is inspired by the difficulty faced by young people coming of age.

Statement jewellery produced in collaboration with Amado Gudek features broken pieces of marbled clay reset in bioresin to create something new and desirable, which would otherwise have been considered broken or waste.

Pixie considers the inspiration of personal struggles, which features in so much of her work, due to the influences of artists such as Tracey Emin and Felix Gonzales Torres who translate their own stories in to their practices so well.

Awards and residencies:

Exhibited at Julie’s The Best of You , Singaplural Recognition Showcase

"'Of Trying Times' is not about lamenting bad hard times and tough situations. Rather, it seeks to redirecting negative energy from bad days into creation, picking one-self up after each setback. The pieces are a wearable testament that one is never alone in their journey."



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