Robert Halhead-Baker

Portrait of MiAL Artist- Robert Halhead-BakerRobert Halhead-Baker

BA Design for Interaction and Moving Image, London College of Communication 2014


In his work Robert tries to reimagine imagery by recycling nostalgic pictures that could otherwise be lost in books never to be opened again. By recycling imagery Robert gives new life and new meaning to the images, often trying to push the boundaries on how absurd and creative he can be when manipulating them.

Most of Robert’s work conveys a socio-political messages, continuing the strong connection between collage and activism. Robert feels that collage has been the perfect medium for conveying activism messages throughout history.

The Dadaist movement has been a huge influence on Robert’s work as well as the Punk movement, both of which utilise collage in creating strong messages. These combined with the surrealist era has pushed Robert to explore the boundaries of his work.

Robert has been exploring his creative boundaries for a while within the style of his work and intends to push this further towards politics and social injustices, taking his work onto the streets.


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