Rosie Haynes

Rosie HaynesRosie Haynes

BA Fine Art – Central Saint Martins, 2020

Rosie Haynes is a Midlands-based artist working with photography and collage. She is a visual artist whose practice reflects her ongoing relationship to femininity, pulled between its seductive glamour and its inherent problematic, performative nature. Rosie is interested in the surface of the image, and how the image itself may become object, often drawing from bygone eras, especially the 1950s & 1960s, with its extreme femininity. Her work explores the tension between identifying with aspects of femininity, and the inherently destructive nature that the construct has for women. Having had personal experience of eating disorders, it seeks to explore the divide between the body as object and the body as a living, breathing thing. The body as image here is often presented as either destructive or being destroyed.

Through the act of collage, appropriated imagery in Haynes’ work undergoes a process of transforåmation. It is digested, destroyed and recomposed, then presented back to the viewer with a different set of meanings. The act of collage is one Haynes believes is vital to their practice, both for its accessibility and its violence. In using existing cultural imagery, it allows artists to hold up a mirror to our culture, but also provides a gateway for the viewer. The subjects of Haynes’ work already have understood meanings, and it is in playing with these she seeks to carve out new forms of representation and pose new questions from existing problematic ones.

Awards and residencies:

2020 Metro Imaging x Made in Arts London Mentorship, 2020

Rugby Art Gallery and Museum Open, Winner, 2018

UAL Olympus Photography Award, Runner Up


Instagram: @rosiehaynesart


"The inspiration for these works derives from the imagery itself being manipulated. Within these images, through a process of playing with the natural ‘chunks’ and sections of the composition that stand out to me, a new composition begins to emerge. It is through the building of this composition that moving towards a more focused intention within the work begins to build and solidify. "



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