Saachi P. Mehta

Portrait of MiAL Artist- Saachi P. MehtaSaachi P. Mehta

MA Illustration & Visual Media, London College of Communication 2015

Saachi is a self confessed ‘curious soul’ with a love for finding out about our natural surroundings, quotations and proverbs. Her illustrations are based on the curious nature of the human mind and the proverb ‘curiosity kills the cat while satisfaction brings it back’ which explains that the dangers that are born by the curiosity of the human mind, can only be resolved by its satisfaction. The lessons learnt are the only teachings to satisfy this curiosity.

Saachi works across handwork, digital rendering with time based media and interaction design between this analogue and digital. She enjoys the freedom that comes with all these mediums, and how with the help of technology, they can all be merged to create wonder and amazement.

Awards and Nominations:

Winner of Ladybird Publication Exhibition Prize 2015 – Outstanding installation and exhibition response, D&AD Kyoorius Student Awards Illustration In - Book Nomination 2014, D&AD Kyoorius Student Illustration Award Red Elephant Trophy Winner 2013, Asmita Applied Art Access Award 2014, Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust and Padma Binani Foundation Prize for Poster Design (runner up) 2014, New Farhan Decorators at Kalpotsav by L.S.Raheja, School of Art Illustration Prize 2014.

“Art and design exist in every field of life. They solve problems universally and beautifully. I hope that my work helps me win hearts worldwide.”

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