Saffie Pluck

Portrait of MiAL Artist- Saffie PluckSaffie Pluck

BA Product Design, Central Saint Martins 2014

Saffie’s collection takes inspiration from the everyday, a collection of timeless pieces that also serve other practical functions. Saffie’s brand Pluck’d Designs came about from an interest in products and how garments can be created to look good and also serve other functions. The resultant ranges are created from an interest in materials and textiles, and the merging of these two passions. Pluck’d Designs focuses on high-end crafted functional design, taking inspiration from material innovations.

Pluck’d Designs first range, Urban Wear, fuses fashion with function. Urban Wear, the first range by Pluck’d Designs, draws inspiration from the everyday, fusing fashion with function to create timeless, everyday pieces. This range aims to bridge the gap in the cycling and urban apparel markets, by offering garments that excel in both areas. This range offers garments that look fashionable and discreet during the day, but reflective at night, allowing the wearer to be seen from afar.

New to the Pluck’d Designs Range is Saffie’s jewellery collection, which draws inspiration from the Cornish coastline and beaches. Here Saffie found many amazing pebbles and textures that transferred well into watercolour drawings. Using these drawings, Saffie scanned, printed, cut, baked and assembled jewellery using shrink plastic. The texture and opacity of the shrink plastic matches perfectly with the textures found in Cornwall. All of the pieces are irregular in shape to reflect the beauty of imperfection found in nature

Each of Saffie’s pieces are a unique item that has been handmade in London, using the UK’s resources. Urban Wear provides products that focus on delivering high-end, functional design, using natural materials that have an innovative twist, bridging the gap between fashion and function.


“Hand spinning and plying roving for my reflective knitwear allows me to see how it behaves and what finishes show off its strengths. From this explorative development I have learnt that chunky plying creates really beautiful yarn that effectively hides the reflective tape from the naked eye, showing off its natural aesthetics during the day, but allowing the garment to perform at night.”

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