MA Fine Art Painting – Camberwell College of Arts, 2021

Saghar is interested in exploring the extended notion of painting. She likes painting to have a sculptural and installation component to it as well and be a physically 3D work, or have the illusion of it when, for example done on a flat surface, transcending its two-dimensional boundaries.

Saghar’s practice revolves around the idea of collage because of its potential to portray reality as a construct. She creates whole new realities by bringing together different spaces. For Saghar, reality is similar to a collage: what we think is real is a collection of bits and pieces brought together as one. Sometimes, they build structures to bring the pieces together, when it’s an installation or 3D work. Being attentive to the notion of space both within the work and around it tends to make my pieces architectural and sometimes site specific: they create dialogues with the architecture of the spaces embracing them.

The main inspiration for Saghar’s works comes from their ongoing pondering on the notions of reality and perception and how fluid and dynamic they can be. Questioning the arbitrary and perceived boundaries in our minds dividing spaces or human relations up in the two categories of private and public or known and stranger. Saghar is interested in how connotations of spaces and relations can easily transform by manipulating the perceptions that feed them, as perception is in a permanent state of flux and alters with any new piecse of information. In her practice, by using collage, layering and transparency that concept is attended to and shows the ambiguity and fluidity of perceived images.


Instagram: @fineartsy_


"Through my work I want to create experiences. Create a state of shared reverie connecting minds and going beyond the individual differences, touching on the things we all share and create a bridge through those."



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