Sarah Kenikie Palmer

Portrait of MiAL Artist- Sarah FortaisSarah Kenikie Palmer

BA Fine Art Painting, Wimbledon College of Art 2014

Sarah’s work examines the uneasiness she perceives from the constant background presence of entertainment television. She feels that we have become desensitized to TV and to its inherent strangeness. Its hypnotic images inform our society almost without detection. Through the act of painting, she slows down these images in order to interpret them.

Televisual reality is often better than our reality: more exciting and more glamorous. It is a veritable Hyper reality that threatens to replace our reality with its own. However, the appealing other world of TV is confounded by its banality and the banality of watching. Sarah’s paintings attempt to expose the TV as a mirror, reflecting the isolation and ennui of the habitual watcher through her uneven Pointillist marks and bowing lines which embody the feeling of being somehow both transfixed and distracted at the same time. They are evocative of a prolonged watching, and the desire to not miss a moment, entirely captivated by a glowing screen.

Awards and nominations:

Works in Print Art Graduates Prize (shortlisted) 2014, Saatchi New Sensations (longlisted) 2014, Clyde & Co Art Award 2014, Royal Brompton Hospital Art Prize 2009



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