Simina Popescu

Simina PopescuSimina Popescu

BA Graphic Communication Design, Central Saint Martins 2019

Simina's work varies in technique but is consistent in themes regarding the questioning and criticism of human nature, from a fine art medium and approach through her Domestic Violence etching postcards, as well as through the sci-fi/adventure sequential narrative in Interritus.

First and foremost her aim is to be a story teller, this is directed from her fascination for cultural diversity and the socio-political issues that rise from this. Particulalrly influential is her move to cosmopolitan London from Romania, a very racially uniform country.

Working primarily in ink, Simina finds it fascinating how much versatility in visual language can be achieved through what is a powerful, simple, easily available medium and such a broad range of markmaking can facilitate extraordinary self-expression.

Awards and residencies:

Honorable mention at The Carmelite Prize for children’s books organised by Hachette UK, 2017; CIFE Creative Arts Award, 2017


"I would like, first and foremost, to make people feel, and second, to make people think, whether my work raises inquiry, self-reflection or remembrance. I hope they will see the larger issues I reflect upon through my work, but also find escapism through the aesthetic pleasure I hope my work provides."



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