Sinziana Mihaela Cadar

Sinziana Mihaela CadarSinziana Mihaela Cadar

MA Interior & Spatial Design – Chelsea College of Arts, 2020

Sinziana explores the subconscious through shapes and colours leaving the viewer to discover the infinite creational possibilities of the human mind. She uses art as a vessel that creates a focus on her spiritual nature and on the therapeutical effects of this type of art. As an artist, she has always been keen on discovering new ways of expressing her inner creationist. Moreover, she is looking into methods of presenting the viewers the importance of freeing your mind from its inner cage.

As a young girl, Sinziana had several artistic interests, such as painting, guitar playing, film making, sculpture, dance, theatre, writing, poetry and photography. This is just a way of saying that art has been the most significant element from her lifetime. The love and interest for the creative domain came along with the desire to discover the depths of her Self and subconscious. Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Miro have had an immense positive impact on her understanding of abstract art. That was the moment when she freed herself from the four walls her mind has created.

Sinziana aims to use her self-discovery journey through art to help the viewer grasp the deepest part of his/her psyche. One can achieve an understanding of the subconscious through asking constant questions about the world/the mind/the people. Only through these can one walk one step closer to becoming fully aware of their place in the world and Universe. Art works like magic in this case, if there is a genuine desire to understand its depths. This is what Sinziana is looking forward to achieving during her lifetime.

Using colours and shapes, mostly, she is creating universes separated from reality that depict inner her dialogues.

Awards and residencies:

National Poetry Competition N.Stanescu.


Instagram: @cadarsinziana


"Each one of these artworks are part of the self-discovery process, first as a human being and second, as an artist."



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