Sofia Mariana Ilie

Sofia Mariana IlieSofia Mariana Ilie

BA Fashion Photography - London College of Fashion, 2021

Sofia is a Fashion Photography graduate from London College of Fashion. She moved from Romania to the UK in 2016 and since then the world around her has contributed to her visual practice. Her practice involves landscape and fashion/beauty photography.

Mainly shooting 35mm film, her photos reflect her personal feelings that keep bubbling up and inevitably end up as photographic prints. Her photos are also an observation of the world around her and answer to current themes such as the feelings felt throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Her images are encouraging the viewer to immerse themselves in the world created through their simplicity.

Her passion for observing the world around her started before she picked up a camera. She could see artistic potential in everything and everyone. The ability to capture a moment and turn it into a physical object to be admired is one of the reasons for her fascination with photography.

Instagram: @sofsopphoto



"The idea of capturing feelings really inspires me"



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