Stefon Grant

Portrait of MiAL Stefon GrantStefon Grant

BA Interaction Design Arts, London College of Communication 2017


Stefon’s photographs are a reflection of his daily encounter with London life. Amongst them runs the theme of travel and journey through urban spaces. When roaming London, Stefon is especially drawn to scenes with natural light and hard contrast. He likes to pick out shapes, symbols and compositions that he connects with. He observes, waits and then presses the shutter when it feels right.

It is London’s buildings and people that inspire Stefon’s work, and he enjoys capturing the everyday life that happens in the city. He hopes that his work inspires people to reflect on their own life and take some time to look around them.

Stefon takes his photographs on a compact digital camera, which allows him to capture moments swiftly and silently. But he also experiments with other equipment such as a LomoKino camera for movie making and 35mm film. Stefon enjoys using 35mm black and white film as it makes him more selective about what he shoots. He still finds the process exciting, viewing 35mm negatives he’s shot for the first time.

Stefon's recent body of work as part of the MiAL 2017 Collection feature photographs he took while on a trip to Iceland. The Iceland Collection features themes of solitude and create a distinct atmosphere of remoteness. He says that there was no real inspiration behind the new work, but instead they are an inner expression which materialised into photographs.


Awards and Nominations:

Nissan ‘Capture Your Best Shot’ Competition 2013 – 1st Place


"What I love about photography is the magic. The ability to freeze time and imagine how the still image will feel in future."



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