Szonja Czutor

Szonja CzutorSzonja Czutor

BA Fashion Design and Development – London College of Fashion, 2023

Szonja Czutor is a Hungarian–Gypsy fashion designer and abstract artist, currently living, working, and studying in London. Their art is inspired by nature, mental health, and the human body; histology. The uncertainty about Szonja's sexuality (or asexuality??) and current political issues are often the main drive to bring their thoughts into existence.

Artist name: SZUGAR

What does SZUGAR mean?

Szonja's surname - Czutor, in Hungarian is spelt similarly to the Hungarian word for sugar – c(z)ukor. An urban legend says they used to be called the Sugar’s, but due to a typo, the name changed forever from Czukor to Czutor. Who knows whether the story is true or not, but one is for sure. This opportunity taught me how to live with mistakes and use them as inspiration. That is why I fabricated a novel word: Sugar, but with a 'Z'. Szugar, to always remember that I was allowed to make blunders.

Through my art, I want to encourage people to explore their inner creative selves and help them overcome anxiety around wanting to make everything perfect. To create just for the sake of creating. We must be wrong sometimes to grow and develop. If you have never failed, that means you have never tried. Nobody is perfect, and that is what makes us whole.

Instagram: @szugarszonja


"I use several types of mediums and mix my own paints. Often, I have little or no control over how the base (the background) will look. I let the randomness take the lead while I sit quietly, watch, and think about what the painting has to say."


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