Taddea Tinchon

Taddea TinchonTaddea Tinchon

MA Animation – London College of Communications, 2021

Taddea is a London based illustrator and animator who's work surrounds around symbolism, details as well as people and situations of daily life. She combines highly detailed pencil drawings with watercolour paint and creates a bridge between traditional and digital art as she combines and plays with her hand drawn artwork via Photoshop.

Her smaller pieces are inspired by images of daily life, the people she sees, situations she passes by. She tries to capture the moments that intrigue her, as well as the essence of the people she sees while living life in London.

These images are a mixture of pencil with accents of vibrant watercolour paint that further give life to her drawings.


Her larger pieces usually contain florals, animals and objects that work as symbols and give the artwork a deeper meaning. Her work is always open for interpretation, and never forgets to be visually appealing. She loves working with symmetry, creating hypnotising prints with hand-drawn elements, where there are countless things to discover.

Her work has been exhibited multiple times all throughout London and featured in various magazines.


Instagram: @ta.tin


" I mainly get inspired by people, nature, details I see, the emotions I feel and surrealism. "



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