Tasia Graham

Tasia GrahamTasia Graham

BA Illustration and Visual Media – London College of Communication, 2021

London based illustrator Tasia Graham explores bold, atmospheric, narrative illustration, using her colourful pallet and fluidstylised drawing techniques.Working in both digital format and traditional painting, Tasia explores woman-hood, by drawing ‘female-esque’ features and bodies, as well as illustrating scenery, where she draws and creates landscapes from nature, city scapes and abstract locations.Graham frequently delves into historical culture and identity, focusing on ethnic backgrounds through illustrative narration, depicting moods and creating immersible universes formed into illustrative storytelling developed into art prints and books. Tasia’s work has been shortlisted for the Penguin Design Awards and has provided editorial illustration for the Financial Times.

"A lot of my work touches on identity and womanhood. The first project that comes to mind the ‘Aint I a woman’ project. That aims to vocalise the experiences of black women, introducing topics such as intersectionality, femininity and womanhood. I was initially inspired by Bell Hook’s 'Ain't I a Woman' and Sorjouner Truths speech. I created a huge painting of my great grandmother to honour her legacy.

Another favourite is a book I’m illustrating called Mango’s Adventure about a young Jamaican girl learning new life experiences, and my painting collection of black figures. It’s important to me to bridge the gap in the industry for black creatives, and to see an authentic version of themselves in art."


Awards and residencies:

Penguin Student Design Awards 2021, Shortlisted

VOXI Illustration competition


Instagram: @tasiadesigns


"I would like to bridge the gap of black and brown people in the art industry and create real authentic stories. I would like people to forget about their lives for a moment, captured by an image, I went into art because I loved the distraction and fell in love with the practice, I hope my art captures people, and for them to see the beauty in people, stories, and art"



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