Thomas Hedger

Portrait of MiAL Thomas HedgerThomas Hedger

BA Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins 2018


Thomas’s works are all a revisualisation of relatable, everyday scenes. Each image takes its inspiration from creating something simple, with another level of detail outside of its original simplicity. Each piece breaks up an everyday image and puts it back together again.

Influences of pop culture and growing up in the 90s can be seen in Thomas’s work. Cartoons, music, fashion, MS Paint and his own suburban landscape all inspire the work that Thomas creates.

Thomas finds that working with vectors is the most satisfying way to get images out of his head and into a final, tangible form. He likes that fact that there are no confines within the medium and that there are no limitations of things that you can draw.


Awards and Nominations:

D&AD New Blood 2016, Wood Pencil, Adobe Design Achievement Award 2016


"I try to pull out the fun in the everyday through big colours and bold lines. I like for my work to tell a story, usually a fractured narrative of an everyday situation." 




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