Varvara Zelenko

Portrait of MiAL Artist - Varvara ZelenkoVarvara Zelenko

BA Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins 2016


Emissions are an everyday accessory of a modern person living in a city. They smother you, coil around you and penetrate your lungs. Varvara's collection of scarves are a tangible embodiment of what’s happening everyday, concealed from our eyes. Each scarf is packed in an envelope in a way that you have to literally drag the “fume” from the factory chimneys to be able to adorn your body.

Inspired by an early childhood surrounded by factories churning out pollution in Russia, air quality is a cause which has continued to remain close to Vavara's heart.


"I want to show people how you can talk about global issues through different media in the art world, how differently you can approach the problem."




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