Veronika Ficek

Veronika FicekVeronika Ficek

BA Fashion Imaging and Illustration – London College of Fashion, 2021

Veronika’s work is deeply connected to the subconscious and how it influences our identity. Exploring the infinite world of human emotions through varied visual experimentation, her aim is to express the stories that live within us and are sometimes forgotten or ignored.

She takes inspiration from fleeting moments experienced in everyday life – the emotional impressions of places, people, dynamics, and sounds, translating them into what could be the essence or the story of each specific moment.

Instagram: @anothercapriccio


“It excites me that I never truly know which medium I will use until I make the decision. It all begins with the first stroke and the first visualisation of a colour dynamic in my imagination. The possibilities are endless, and the influence I have on the dynamics and the style of my artwork is based on my changing perspective. It is active decision making mixed with a little bit of risky intuition.”



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