Virginie Nugere

Virginie NugereVirginie Nugere

MA Fine Art – Central St Martins, 2021

Virginie's work starts from the diagnosis of a globalized «glitch» in contemporary societies. In a context of crisis, the artist question our way of connecting to the world. Starting from this observation, they work toward following a journey of de-construction. De-construction of beliefs, thoughts, and identity.

This question of identity has been one of the focal points of Virginie's work. In particular, the question of the dissolution of identity. This question has arisen from a deep sense of weirdness: The feeling of not finding one’s place anywhere, of not fitting into a system, of always being on the margins, outside the framework.

The important point is that from this interest and fascination with queer identity has come this essential question of 'who am I?'. Here begins the game of identity and masks that brought Virginie to London and to people who are constantly reinventing and reusing rejection to build an identity and playing with extravagance to accentuate and highlight the binarity of society.

In this series of photographs, Virginie is interested in the deconstruction of gender. Through portraits of people, they bring an intimate look at the backstage.

There is always something that trembles in the artists photography, something blurred, grainy, and unspoken.

Seeking to mirror in the image the tremor that will bring down the veils of illusion. It invites people to pause and stop for a moment. It invites them to ask themselves who Virginie is in this world and how connected they are to it...


Awards and residencies:

2021 Nominated for the MullenLowe award

2021 Winner of the Maison/0 This Earth award

2021 Selected Made in Arts London artists

2020 Award Mona Hatoum bursary recipient.


" My photographs could be seen as mirror, inviting people to pause and stop for a moment and to ask themselves: who I am in this world and how I am connected to it... "


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