Wing Tung So

Wing Tung SoWing Tung So

BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2019

Wing's work is a visual representation of the play between absence and presence, the constructions, deconstruction and reconstruction of a space. Creating compositions in which the viewer has to negotiate architectural views laden with an emotional or sensual pull, her main interest is in questioning the boundary between the virtual and the real, tangible and intangible, interior and exterior. The results are large canvases of theatrical landscapes, cleverly framed so that her audience is never quite sure where they stand.

Working with computer software to manipulate and overlay layers of images- primarily sources from her own archive of photographs- Wing produces these digital collages as a basis to her paintings. She likes to hunt for buildings with mysterious facades to add atmosphere and structure to her work. There is also a curious lack of figures in the compositions, although the humanity is always present; a laundry hanger left on a balcony, a window left ajar...

"Bringing attention to the tactile qualities of a structure and its pictorial compositions, I hope to some degree that the viewers are disorientated by what they are presented with."



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