Xinyuan Ma

Xinyuan MaXinyuan Ma

MA Illustration - Camberwell College of Arts, 2022

Xinyuan Ma is a visual artist and illustrator based in London. Their visual brand name is Green Lava and their work concerns non-binary genders, mushrooms and animism. In animism, the sexes of humans are not classified by male or female; fungi also include thousands of sexes and can mate with almost every species they encounter. Thus, the notion of non-binary genders of human beings is time-honoured, and their existence is a mystical, marginalised, transformative, non-individualistic way of being. They are a group of strangely beautiful creatures, connected by hyphae, forming an underground network that grows, flows and transforms in all kinds of unexpected places. Fungi embody an emotionally diverse gender and biological future in Xinyuan Ma’s work – a kind of proto-futurism.

Ma’s project expressions include contemporary painting, drawing, illustration, mural and animation. Their works have a young and fashionable visual style, suitable for cross-border co-operation in clothing, trendy toys, footwear packaging design, moving images, pattern design and street art.

Instagram: @greenlava203


"I hope that my audience can find many interesting elements in my paintings, and through these elements, they can enter a new world, which is a free, psychedelic, peculiar and completely different world from the logic of the current world. In this world, spirit, body, gender and spirituality meet in a mysterious and beautiful high-dimensional world."



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