Yasmin Idris

Yasmin IdrisYasmin Idris

MA Fine Art - Central Saint Martins, 2023

Yasmin Idris is a Nigerian-British artist, storyteller and world-builder, exploring surrealism and futurism to create new worlds and new narratives. Through film, painting and digital media she uses fictional universes to elevate ideas of self, culture and identity while finding a balance between physical and digital realms. The London-based multidisciplinary artist holds a BA in Architecture, a subject which ignited her passion for artificial worlds.

Previously, the lack of powerful representation had a huge effect on her perception of self. Her love for sci-fi and fantasy was fuelled by her love for existence and shaped her outlook on life, quickly becoming her coping mechanism in the world. Her work often challenges societal norms and explores spiritual concepts that question human existence and our relationship with technology. She believes in the concept of art evolving consciousness and intentionally uses her work to do this.

She is building her own universe known as the ‘MaybeArt Universe’. The first realm she has created is called New Age Matrix inspired by the original Matrix film trilogy, and the second is called the Chaos Dimension, which focuses on themes relating to her ADHD and finding peace amidst internal conflict. While her identity has always been unclear to her, building these worlds allows her to discover and understand fragments of herself in these imagined realities.

Instagram: @teniolastudio


"One of my key goals is to use my work to empower, to change perspective and narratives surrounding ‘minority’ identities. Whilst I discover who I am, I want to inspire other minds who feel lost about their place in the world."



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