Yu Qiu

Yu QiuYu Qiu

BA Graphic Communication Design - Central Saint Martins, 2022

Yu Qiu is a visual artist based in London whose particular interest lies in identity and psychological healing. She focuses on where feelings of depression come from and how to transform negative emotions into positive energy. She believes that order allows her to achieve a state of mental stability and calmness, for example rendering her images in black and white or in a limited number of colours, and pursuing simplicity and effectiveness when designing graphics. She believes that negative space can convey meaning.

Qui’s work is influenced by her own research and her observations of friends and family. She uses both traditional painting and digital drawing to make illustration, animation and comics.

Instagram: @qiuyu3404


"I think life is like a closed loop, as if everyone around you is telling you how much better your life will be when you get the answers, but there are no answers. Everyone wants to climb up, a group of people climb into the city but instead want to get out, and people outside the walls are trying to get in by any means possible."



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