Zoe Zhang

Zoe ZhangZoe Zhang

MA Visual Arts: Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2017

Zoe likes to look at the little moments that create daily life. She enjoys people watching, as well as observing the comings and goings of animals around her. She aims to capture interesting moments and then building on them herself, imagining what may happen afterwards; these could be true-life or build into something fantastical!

She likes to try and present her work in a humourous way, and has started to look for opportunities to present her illustrations in new formats, currently exploring the way illustration and ceramics could be linked.

Awards and residencies:

Excellent Award in the Times Young Creative Awards, 2011; First Prize in ‘Lianluo Flash Design’ Competition, 2011


"I hope my work can remind my audience of their relevant moments in their life, and can make them smile."



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