Abstracted Tracks No. 1 (LT L44)


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Product Type: Fine Art Artist:Alexander Devereux

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Alexander Devereux

BA Sculpture, Camberwell College of Arts 2014

MDF, Iron Powder and Paint
122 x 62 cm

"I am inspired by railways and the particularly in my paintings the liner patterns formed from the tracks that make up a global network.The rusted organic pattern that covers my paintings is broken by the hand painted metalic lines that represent the rails. However, what looks like rusted steel is in fact sheets of wood, treated with theatrical techniques to mimic the appearance of weathered steel. By juxtaposing the material my paintings are both historical, theatrical but also new contemporary art-works. I play with these patterns by both taking from real railway track layouts and imagining my own.

These particular pieces were inspired by the Southern and London Underground railways and incorporate a third rail used to carry electricity. Because of this these railways have retained there visual spectal and are not impeded by a spegitty of overhead wires. "


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