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Product Type: Fashion Artist:Marie Schaller

Product Description

Marie Schaller

MA Fashion Futures, London College of Fashion, 2021

Customised commission

Concept creation and art direction with various outcome possibilities, can include but not limited to: fashion design, digital design including 3D modelling, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experience creation, zine, digital animation…

Please see videos and images for examples of past works.

"Inspired by my MA project: An Activist Reality and the knowledge gathered during those 2 years of research on craft and activism, I am offering to support collectives and activist projects in their creative communication and art direction to showcase their political messages. The outcome will be some co-design assets to promote the activist campaign through any medium desire from wearables/clothing to VR experience and everything you can imagine in between."

What to expect: To start with the commission, the client will be invited to a first free meeting to discuss the project and how the commission work could help to promote it. Then, a contract will be signed and depending on the need, I will start with a base of 7 days of work divided into 3 phases:
1 day of brainstorming and mood creation, 2 days of research and experiments and 4 days of making and finishing.

Meeting with the clients will be scheduled at each step of the process. Any extra work hours or materials costs will be taken in charge by the client, once discuss and agreed on.

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