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Product Type: Prints Artist:Obinna Uzoukwu

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Obinna Uzoukwu

BA Illustration and Visual Media London College of Communication 2018

Digital Illustration
Limited Edition of 20
15 x 24 cm (Unframed)

"As part of a set of 4 illustrations created to commemorate the Olympic games.

Originally the Olympic games where held in Olympia, Athens in order to honour the gods of Olympia. My idea behind this was to blend the original concept of the games with the modern day games but still keeping it quintessential. By having the modern day athletes we look up to like Gods depicted as the original Gods of Olympia, hoisted on clouds presiding over London, near famous landmarks modified with Greek pillars to make it look more like Mount Olympus.

Aphrodite Goddess of love is portraying Gymnastic next to Big Ben as its London’s most loved landmark."


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