Beyond The Dual Realities That Fester and Thrive


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Product Type: Fine Art Artist:Chantalle Mafoti

Product Description

Chantalle Mafoti

BA Illustration and Visual Media, London College of Communication 2020

Original completed in pen on Arches Aquarelle Paper
Prints on Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm Paper
Edition of 5
42 x 59.5 cm

"In this one we see another representation of this surreal scene. Beginning at the figure in the furthest left, we take in the expansive and dense view, occasionally stopping at the several objects that also take space in the landscape. The overall piece can be said to be made up of different visual textures. It is through the subtle changes in the pen-work that one makes out all the varying forms. It becomes a work in which the closer it is regarded the further one is sucked into the piece- its surrealism becomes ever so much more seeped into the real. A once mass of dense pen markings, becomes fed into the unconscious to which then becomes responsible for the tactility evoked by the phantasmagorical sight."

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