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Product Type: Fine Art Artist:Imogen Parry

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Imogen Parry

Wimbledon College of Art, BA Painting 2014

Digital C-Type Print of Pen Drawing
Edition of 30
84 x 57 cm

"I made a drawing of palm trees on Bikini Atoll that I then printed digitally as a C-Type to remove the immediate marks of the drawing so that we experience the image at a remove – as we do with so much paradisal imagery that is consumed through a screen rather than in real life. There is a double reference in the work that is to both the Atoll in the South Pacific (that was subject to nuclear testing in the 1950s by the American government) but also inevitably to the swimwear. I like the tension between the frivolity of a bikini and the seriousness of what went on there."


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