Blue Chapel


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Product Type: Fine Art Artist:Fiona Masterton

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Fiona Masterton

BA Painting, Wimbledon College of Art 2014

Digital photographic collage & oil paint & ink on thick oak block primed with rabbit skin glue and marble dust
26 x 20 x 4 cm

"‘Blue Chapel’ is reminiscent of the walls of a decaying but clearly once beautiful old building. Ornate architectural features faintly reveal themselves beneath the peeling and cracked facades.

The years of human touch have brushed against this building’s surfaces and individual fingers have intimately explored its crevices. The slow passage of time has soaked into its existence and drawn delicate cracks upon its history.

I have used different kinds of mark making within the piece; drawn, painted and daubed. It is heavy and textured in places, faded and worn in others. The primed surface of rabbit skin glue and marble dust deliberately drips down the sides.

There is an ebb and flow between the torn and fragmented imagery and a duality in that ‘Blue Chapel’ could be described as both object and painting."


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