Cat Woman


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Product Type: Prints Artist:Farrukh Akbar

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Farrukh Akbar

MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts 2018

Limited edition print on 250gsm quality paper
Edition of 80
84.1 x 118.9 cm

"This work was undertaken during COVID-19 lockdown, the model is my partner who was in lockdown with me. The painting is a light-hearted reference to Schrodinger's cat theory. The cats in the painting are our son's cats and we could not see them during the lockdown and were missing them a lot...I incorporated them into the painting as 'here but not really here' as a tongue and cheek take on Schrodingers hypothesis of the dual state of existence.

The shirt of the model was painted on a layer of household cling-film. The use of this common household kitchen product as an art material emphasises the confined mudane life-style during this period. In another version of this painting a cooking foil was also used as an elabotare hat to further emhasise the point.The work was executed using rapid loose strokes to give energy to the work by way of contrast to placid claustrophobic environment being experienced during the epidemic. The individual prints are signed by the artist "


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