Chapter 9: Church and State


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Product Type: Fine Art Artist:Elaoise Benson

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Elaoise Benson

BA Fine Art – Central Saint Martins

Acrylic and oil stick on wood, nails and wool, 2021
Dimensions variable (Unframed)

"Referring to the colloquial phrase Church and State, often used to suggest that one should keep their work and home life separate, Benson draws on memories of growing up in the Church. Here she navigates an intersection between her parents divorce and Benson's precarious relationship to notions of faith and religiosity.

The use of abstraction fragments a seemingly picturesque memory, which the artist furthers by physically breaking apart the diptych in space. Blue portals hover upon the surface of picture plane, like porous holes or rifts in time. And a weaving attempts to bridge the gap between each panel. And yet, given its fragile nature, at any moment this 'perfect' construction, one’s perception of balance and serenity, could all begin to unravel".



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