Choose Your Freedom


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Product Type: Fine Art Artist:Hollis Hui

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Hollis Hui

BA Fine Art – Central Saint Martins

Digital print from film of the same title on poster paper, 2022
Each image is an edition of 10 with 1 Artist Proof
Sizes range from A4 - A1 (Unframed)

"Choose Your Freedom is a virtual simulation experience involving psychedelic visual imagery of a virtual space. The work is designed in the form of an ‘game- like’ structure, concentrating on two doors, each portraying a representation of ‘freedom’. The work relies heavily on choice and interpretation; by using fiction to comment on non-fictional concepts of humanity, this invites the audience to interpret what it means to be free in response to human existence.

The use of a virtual space provides the audience with an immersive and engaging experience, resulting a contrast in the relationship between humans and technology. The human-like voice accompanying the video not only creates a boundary between illusion and reality, but also addresses the intensification of mood and atmosphere. In my work, I intend to reveal hidden psychological responses reflected from humans, who are too afraid of facing these issues in the real world."



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