City Lights


Product Type: Prints Artist:Nafsika Petrogka

Product Description

Nafsika Petrogka

MA Illustration Camberwell College of Arts 2016

Digital print, mixed media (mono-print, pen on paper)
Museum Etching / Matt / 350gsm / Natural White paper with archival inks
Limited Edition of 25
21 x 29.7 cm (Unframed)
35 X 45 cm (Framed)

"The industrial revolution changes the face of the world. The cities transform into busy beehives of bright metal beacons. Endlessly reaching for the stars,they become a symbol of the all powerful modern man. Attracted by the promising lights, people of all social spheres and backgrounds flock to the cities, thus creating a huge redistribution of population and a catalyst for the socio-political changes of the 20th century.The point of focus is always dictated by the light, a protagonist in my work.. My images rely heavily on creating a dark, nostalgic, memory-infused atmosphere that plays a crucial role in my story telling."


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