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Product Type: Fine Art Artist:Pau Aguilo

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Pau Aguiló

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting – Camberwell School of Art

Oil on upstretched canvas, 2020
180 x 176 cm (Unframed)

"Focusing on the surface, the title hides the real issue shown by the mere image. Executed with a really corrosive technique over the raw canvas; the visual elements describe a claustrophobic situation where the character is locked within the piece. Jailed into the squarish canvas composing his degradation at the physical and mental levels.

If you ask me, the inflated body is filled with negativity composed of thoughts, regrets, addictions, and frustrations that have built with time. With a focus on the immediacy of the nicotine hitting his brain; Charles misses the bigger picture falling again into the same spiral that exacerbates the interior confusion.

Like Charles, most of us come from certain backgrounds where we might find ourselves without the best financial knowledge, unaware of the wide spectrum of healthy habits, closed in our immediate moments filled with dopamine impulses of all kinds… stepping away from our purpose. I want to believe that most people can realize whatever their personal problem is and solve it on time. One thing is for sure, like many humble people Charles has it really difficult to escape the picture".



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