Procession, No.10


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Product Type: Sculpture Artist:Christopher Pearson

Product Description

Christopher Pearson

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2019

Pigmented Jesmonite on two-tone silk with steel armature and base
130 x 35 x 40cm

"The sculptures in my 'Procession' series are self-supporting, anthropomorphic masses which are cloaked by fabric that overspills and erupts from the top of each work. Together they are a united sequence of figure-like forms that act as a whole to effect synaesthetic and phenomenological impact, whilst channelling the referential power of abstract sculpture to allude to a multiplicity of interpretations.

This body of work has emanated from my thinking on what constitutes a procession: can it exist as a dance, a parade, a festival, a protest, a ceremony, a celebration or a series of discussions? Diversely, each sculpture in this series has been shaped by its personal relationship with gravity and grows upwards from the ground on which it is sited, finding balance through self-weighting strategies as it is coaxed and teased into its final, solidified state.

The ongoing narrative of negotiating polarities between fluid and frozen throughout my practice has culminated here in an unpredictable duality between liquidity and solidity which is defined by the way it photographically captures the materials' physicality at the moment they finally set, congeal or harden."


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