Floral Pocket Square


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Product Type: Designer Accessories Artist:Emily Carter

Product Description

Emily Carter 

BA Fashion Textiles, London College of Fashion 2014 

Limited Edition Digital Print on Silk Twill
35 x 35 cm
Edition of 100

"The Floral Pocket Square is part of my range of luxury men's pocket squares. The print is a subtle mixture of colour tones, making it ideal to wear with either a formal or casual suit. The design itself makes it a distinctive and modern gentleman's accessory.

The pocket square is hand hemmed and printed in London on high quality silk crepe satin, and measures 35 x 35 cm. The silk has been specifically chosen as it is soft and light but also retains its shape well, which makes it a perfect accessory for your pocket. The print is intricately illustrated by hand, and represents a timeless piece of exclusive British design."


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