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Jessica Jennebach Varela

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Central Saint Martins

C-type Print mounted on dibond (aluminium), 2021
112 cm x 230 cm (Framed)

Jennebach Varela works with astrophotography, underwater photography and IR photography and creates abstract images, dreamscapes and fragmented scenes. In her artistic practice, her work has evolved into creating with alternative photographic techniques and processes, mixing photography with printmaking, altering photographs with chemicals, printing on chlorophyll and exploring surfaces and possibilities with the help of technology and nature.

"Since 2016 she has been exploring the world photographing degraded landscapes, but also capturing the broken beauty of these places and their unique textures and sounds. Her photograph "Galicia" was taken with his modified infrared camera on one of his explorations in the forests of Galicia (northern Spain) in summer. Later, she experimented with creating a series of "glitched" landscapes. In "Galicia" (2021), the photograph was altered to generate a posthuman glitched landscape with the help of a Sound Editor program."

Jennebach Varela's aim is to create "mysterious dreamscapes", fragmented images deeply rooted in her early life in Murcia, southeastern Spain, on the beach, where she grew up very connected to nature, although it was also a place that experienced desertification and extreme pollution.