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Abbie James

A3 matt arco 300gsm
Open edition

Graduation Print 2022

To celebrate this year’s graduation shows, the Arts Students’ Union commissioned two student artists to create a celebratory piece of artwork to mark the occasion.

We asked the students to reflect on their time at UAL, whether it be the architecture of the college, the local community, or an understanding of their social experiences, connections, or reflections of year just passed.

We hope you enjoy reading their interpretation of this brief, and enjoy this print for many years to come.

Your Arts Students’ Union

"My name is Abbie, I am an MA Character Animation student at Central Saint Martins and freelance illustrator / animator @charlaart. This commissioned opportunity came right at the end of my first year studying here, and I’m excited to be involved in contributing to the 2022 graduates’ experiences!

Coming up with the concept for this illustration for the 2022 Graduation print, I wanted to make sure I captured what attending UAL feels like to me.

Returning from a pandemic induced isolation, my campus at Central Saint Martins was an explosion of colour and character. As an animator inspired by the people around me in both story and visuals, I aimed to show the feeling of a walk through a UAL university campus. It is a character designers dream: carefully crafted outfits; make-up; diversity in shapes, sizes and silhouettes; people carrying huge installation artworks... you never know what you’ll get.

That diversity and dynamism at UAL is key to its personality as a university, and so this artwork is almost like a jigsaw puzzle; all the different characters and different perspectives slotting together to create one unit. For me personally, I have truly valued the opportunity to meet who I have through my study so far, and they’ve been a big part of my development as an artist too.

Ultimately, it’s the people that power and nurture the creative work that comes out of UAL.

This piece was created digitally on Procreate, which is my preferred medium for illustration, and I chose a bright and fresh colour palette, hopefully capturing that feeling of anticipation and excitement around graduating that so many students experience.

Good luck and congratulations to all the graduating students!"

Abbie James | @charlaart |


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