Grange Room


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Product Type: Fine Art Artist:Joanna Cohn

Product Description

Joanna Cohn

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2020

Etching and aquatint on somerset paper
Edition of 25 in various colours- ultramarine blue, green/ blue, black, green- black, red, burnt umber (brown) or purple
40 x 50 cm (Framed)
30 x 40 cm (Unframed)

 "The Former splendour of this magnificent house shows itself amongst its own ruin. It has been a grand house to the privileged, and sheltered scared young men and women tasked with making decisions no one should have to make in wartime. Today it remains a ruin. plaster falling from the ceiling, light finding ts way through crumbling windows and ceiling beams. "


All are the same dimensions and prices and all are available in editions of 25, in a variety of colours. Printed on either white or antique white somerset paper.


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