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Product Type: Limited Edition Artist:Nafsika Petrogka

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Nafsika Petrogka

MA Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

Digital print, mixed media (photography, ink, monoprint, pencil, solvent transfer, photoshop)
Edition of 25
29.7 x 42 cm (Unframed)
33 x 43 cm (Framed)

"Having experienced the pain of being a refugee ourselves less than a century ago, and with the stories of our grandparents fleeing their homes in a hurry to escape massacre, the image of the abandoned house that is left behind is imprinted on the collective consciousness. That haunting emotion of leaving a piece of you behind unavoidably resurfaces and the house becomes the symbol of the eternal esoteric wandering of mankind gravitating towards a place to belong."


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