Il Ciolo Second Edition


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Product Type: Photography Artist:Camilla Glorioso

Product Description

Camilla Glorioso

MA Fashion Photography, London College of Fashion 2016

C-Type on Metallic paper
Edition of 20
40 x 50 cm

"'Il Ciolo' is part of my documentary archive on film and has recently been part of a solo exhibition named La Mal Celebrata Meraviglia delle Piccole Cose (The badly celebrated beauty of small things). The idea behind every shot for this series is to concentrate on awkward details that don't capture the attention immediately.

Taken in Puglia, Italy, Il Ciolo depicts a very stereotypical south-italian summer moment, highlighting the colourful patchwork of beach towels in contraposition to the almost empty water."

Please note, this artwork is available for pre-order only, with all prints being posted out on 1st August 2018, this is due to Camilla returning to her studio in Italy especially to produce this special edition!


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