Imaginary first kiss I


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Product Type: Fine Art Artist:Frederic Anderson

Product Description

Frederic Anderson

MFA Fine Art, Wimbeldon College of Arts 2017

Charcoal on Paper
Set of two drawings
25 x 33 cm each
Comes framed

"Unusually perhaps, I don't place much importance on the subject in my work, and this series of drawings is no exception. Chosen strictly for its formal properties only, the subject serves as a bridge between the tangible and the intangible, facilitating a record of a transient past moment, a residue of an intense moment of vision. The interest for me lies in how through the drawing process it is translated into something else, something new, unexpected and surprising. Despite this transformation, a mysterious 'essence' of the original object remains to connect the series together.

The finished drawings hover between figuration and abstraction, sometimes having the appearance of being ‘out of phase’. They inhabit the space between how we believe things to be and how they actually appear – the space in which, under persistent observation, things begin to fall apart."


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