Letter to the President


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Product Type: Fine Art Artist:Inga Loyeva

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Inga Loyeva

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2015

Oil on linen
230 x 160 (Unframed)
235 x 165 cm (Framed)

"By painting several filters of reality in the same picture I hope to shine a light on the confusion and chaos experienced by individuals involved when the Ukrainian government became mired in conflict with Russian-backed rebels in March 2014, and thousands of volunteers trekked to Eastern Ukraine to defend their land. Conflicting narratives of patriotism and conspiracy theories were amplified in mass media as agents of a power struggle to shape the metanarrative of unfolding events. By painting the flesh of the soldiers in this way I aim to emphasize their humanity and to speak of the conflated hyper reality they, and we, find ourselves in amidst information wars.

Through this visual language I propose certain questions of the viewers: How can we know what is happening in the world of on-the-ground of events elsewhere? Could we ever trust any stories and rumours of what has happened knowing that all reports are mediated, if not of malicious intent than simply because no account can escape subjectivity? Once we receive these reports could we trust our own critical faculties to crawl through the information to understand the events? Or are we already too preconditioned to want to believe certain interpretations? "


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Inga Loyeva

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