Metallic Gestures II


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Product Type: Prints Artist:Christopher Pearson

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Christopher Pearson

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2019

Carborundum embossing with metallic chine-collé on 300gsm Snowdon cartridge paper
43.5 cm x 53.5 cm (framed)

"This series of carborundum embossings emerged from my thinking on materiality, gesture and performativity. It is my view that materiality performs itself through the event of its delivery to the senses, while the human body performs itself through the deployment of its gestural and sensory capacities. Through the abstract forms, embossed textures and reflective chine-collé in this body of work, I aim to establish a dialogue between the unending movement, change and instantaneity of 'real time' and the contrastingly 'frozen gestures' captured in each metallic relief."

This print is a one-off, signed artist's proof. It is box-framed in natural, unstained tulip wood. The box frame enables the artwork to be set back 10mm beneath the interior side of the glass to protect the embossed surface from being pressed against it, while presenting the work in a smart and simple format.


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