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Product Type: Limited Edition Artist:Imogen Parry

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Imogen Parry

Wimbledon College of Art, BA Painting 2014

Diamond Dusted Screen Print
Edition of 40
Size Unframed - 59 x 84 cm
Size Framed - 94 x 69.5 cm

"A 'Nova' is a star that shows a sudden large increase in brightness and then returns to its original state. The artwork is a diamond dusted screen print on black paper. With my artwork sometimes I like to play with ideas of "gilding the lily"- taking something that is already naturally beautiful and tipping it over the edge to become kitsch. I think with ideas of paradise we take natural beauty and dress it up with neon lights, turning it into something artificial and synthetic. I find this really interesting because even though the synthetic is alluring, there's also something kind of toxic about it."


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