Oh gods we have shot ourselves in the foot with Brexit!


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Product Type: Sculpture Artist:Jo Pearl

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Jo Pearl

BA Ceramic Design, Central Saint Martins, 2018

Series of Terracotta ceramic sculptures made from 54 million year old clay sourced from under London Bridge Station
Each foot approx 11 x 26 x 11cm (3 feet in total)

"'Made using unique clay, dug up from 30m below London Bridge Station by giant the piling machines during the recent station refurbishment. Clay from this depth is 54 million years old and has not seen the light of day since then. Inititally the inspiration for the first two feet came from a 1st Century Roman Oil Lamp in the shape of a foot found under London Bridge Station by archaeologists, these pieces were an investigation of the tradition of votive offerings. However, the 3rd foot was made the day after the Brexit referendum vote and reflecst my fears that we have 'shot outselves in the foot with Brexit, and that Brexit will see the break up of the United Kingdom... hence the two toes snipped off representing Northern Ireland and Scotland. Not for outside use."


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