Riot Police 2.0


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Product Type: Fine Art Artist:Inga Loyeva

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Inga Loyeva

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2015

Oil on linen
90 x 75 cm (Unframed)
95 x 80 cm (Framed)

"Riotpolice is based on a photo I took in Ukraine during the 2014 Revolution. When I took the photo, all I could see were the bulletproof vests, the hard helmets and iron shield, my knees started shaking and I dropped back before leaving the square completely . The government does such a fantastic job designing the uniforms to instill fear into civilians and sense of knightly-hood into the armed forces. However, when I got home and started zooming into the faces behind the shields, I realized that its just 18 year olds that look kind of scared and certainly not wanting to be there pinned up against their peers and neighbors."


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Inga Loyeva

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