Risorgimento II


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Product Type: Limited Edition Artist:Christopher Simpson

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Christopher Simpson

BA Painting, Camberwell College of Arts 2017

C-Type Print
Edition of 25
53.5 x 34 cm

"Risorgimento in Italian means “Rising Again”, an art movement that came out of the unification of Italy which saw the sculpted veiled virgin become the emblem of the movement, made by artists such as Giovanni Strazza who carved exquisitely intricate marble busts. Whilst on a residency in Rome in 2015 I had the opportunity to finally see Bernini’s St Theresa in ecstasy and was in awe of his treatment of her cassock, it billowed around her like a cloud. I took a lot out of the residency but only took 20 metres of white Lycra as a medium, I did a series of pop-up interventions with it on 2000 year old statues and these paintings were inspired by the light hitting the stretch of the Lycra, it reminded me of Julien Palast’s ‘wrapped bodies’ so back in the studio I decided to put myself under the cover which finally put an end to the ‘Undercover’ series in 2d form."


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